Dr. Christoph Lenz

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Product Piracy

Legal defence against product piracy and trademark piracy, seizure by the customs

Legal defence against product piracy and trademark piracy is part of the core competence of Dr. Lenz. In numerous preliminary injunction proceedings and main actions Dr. Lenz has defended his clients´ original products and trademarks against fraudulent products. Moreover, ip-lenz is experienced in filing applications for seizure of said fraudulent products by the customs. If you are aware of certain fraudulent products distributed by one of your competitors in the German market, said application for seizure by the customs can be a useful means to stop further import into the German market. Before the launch of a new designed product, generally it is recommendable to evaluate the products and ip-rights of your competitiors and to if necessary order a freedom-to-operate-opinion. ip-lenz is at your disposal for all such problems of product piracy and trademark piracy.