Dr. Christoph Lenz

Am Mühlberg 23
D-09600 Oberschöna

phone+49 37321 / 877 450
fax+49 37321 / 877 449

Nota bene

The client-attorney-relationship is protected by law. Data provided by the client are to be kept secret and do not need to be rendered to any authority. No attorney may represent opposite clients´ interests.

All legal advice of ip-lenz is given on this basis and in accordance with German law, naturally. In case the trust required should lack, ip-lenz will not take the mandate or terminate.

ip-lenz refuses to advertise with his clients` names. If you are interested in references for the quality of work, please feel free to ask me, provided the addresses given to you and all data obtained will be kept secret by you.

My renumeration will be agreed in accordance with German law, naturally, and in the beginning. All my invoices will be rendered accordingly. I trust in you that my invoices will be paid without any discount and without any delay. Regarding the method of calculating my attorney´s renumeration, several different opportunities are given by law: fixed fees according to the RVG-act, billable working hours, fixed fees for managing work. Together, we should be able to find the best economical solution in your case.