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Utility Models

Protecting technical inventions: prosecution and litigation of German utility models in all fields of technology

The protection and defence of technical inventions is part of the core competence of Dr. Lenz. Utility models, so-called “small patents”, are important means in this context. In contrast to his „big brother”: patent, the application proceedings for an utility model regularly take some months, only. This ensures to be able to protect your company´s or your client´s technical inventions against copiers within relatively short time, already. ip-lenz is ready to assist your company or your client how to obtain such an utility model. Regarding the litigation of utility models please be so kind and have a look into the chapter Patent Law. ip-lenz is experienced to litigate utility models in an extremely broad range of technologies. The litigation experience of Dr. Lenz namely covers inventions of industrial printing technology, mechanical and electronic devices, medical and orthopaedic products and apparatus, products of the car supplier industry, mobile telecommunication technology and many others. For according to German patent law there is no discovery like in the U.S., German patent litigation and utility model litigation do not require a big team of patent litigators. If your company by its patent department or your law firm is able to provide ip-lenz with the technical data of relevance in your case, regularly no other additional technical support from outside will be needed.